Purpose of the flight and payload description


Details of the balloon flight

Balloon launched on: 7/1/2023 at 17:00 utc
Launch site: Roswell Industrial Air Center, New Mexico, US  
Balloon launched by: Sceye Inc.
Balloon manufacturer/size/composition: Stratospheric Airship Sceye High-Altitude Platform Station
Flight identification number: N519HB
End of flight (L for landing time, W for last contact, otherwise termination time): 7/1/2023 at ~ 21:00 utc
Balloon flight duration (F: time at float only, otherwise total flight time in d:days / h:hours or m:minutes - ): 4 h
Landing site: N of Lovington, New Mexico, US

The primary purpose of the flight test was to evaluate a novel launch method that could increase reliability during the initial ascent phase of flight and simplify the overall launch procedure. The platform also carried a high-resolution camera, which was developed in-house by SCEYE for ground mapping with partners like the USGS and NASA. The two images at right were obtained using that device.

External references

Images of the mission


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